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Yakushi Kabuto
Recent Entries 
2nd-Sep-2015 12:17 am - [ooc .oo]
careful of blood stains, homicidal

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2nd-Sep-2007 12:15 am - [history]
[Kabuto's background, taken from his app.

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2nd-Sep-2007 12:12 am - [rp samples]
quite touchable, deep look
[First and third person samples, straight from my app:

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1st-Sep-2007 11:30 pm - [contact]

RL LJ: lazynin
AIM: barkwithmebiotch
MSN: lazynin @ hotmail . com
E-mail: lazynin @ yahoo . com

If you've any questions, or cant reach me through any of those, feel free to comment here. ♥ ]
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