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knavish_intent's Journal

Yakushi Kabuto
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Yakushi Kabuto
what you may know:
[age] 20
[height] 5'8"
[weight] 155
[eyes] dark brown with hints of green
[hair] light blonde-white
[medical info] He's in perfect health, though when he is off the island he needs glasses.
[physical traits] He has a great upper body strength, though he can't run for extensive periods of time.
[talents/abilities] He is a genius that does not specialize in anything in particular, though he supposes he could call himself a doctor or scientist.
what you might do:
[kidnap?] n (he'd be the one kidnapping)
[angst?] m
[attack?] y
[severely injure?] m (discuss)
[kill?] n (discuss)
[non-con?] n
[het, yaoi, yuri?] m, m, n (discuss)
[rating?] R

[Yakushi Kabuto of the series Naruto, as played by lazynin for the RPG losttebayo, and portrayed by the model Boyd Holbrook. Layout has been modified from that which I have credited on mislaid_petals.]